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Case Studies

Patient Services: Merger Integration


FluidEdge Life Sciences managed the transition of Legacy Patient Services programs, patients, staff, technology, and vendors into the client’s organization.


  • A global pharmaceutical company engaged FluidEdge Life Sciences to manage the integration of the patient services function from an acquired company
  • The goal was to adapt the acquired programs and services to the client’s approach within six months, including re-branding and communication to patients, HCPs, and vendors
  • Challenges included completing the discovery effort quickly since the project started four months after the acquisition closed
  • Since the case management function was outsourced, the project included moving that function into the client’s operation along with a data migration, knowledge transfer process, and patient transition


  • FluidEdge Life Sciences conducted an accelerated discovery process to uncover the scope of programs and services to integrated, including due diligence on the hub vendor to identify risks and changes required
  • Our team developed a comprehensive project plan and managed a core team focused on work streams, including: staff transition/hiring, facilities, training, compliance, vendor services, communications, CRM, data migration/feeds, and telecom
  • Our work effort included hands-on support to insure progress on critical decisions and work streams, such as legal/ compliance review of legacy programs
  • FluidEdge Life Sciences provided multiple go-live options to balance risk and arrived at a “big bang’ go-live approach that provided the earliest possible date to transition from the hub vendor


  • The team managed an on-time go-live for patient services four months after project start, including transition of staff, CRM, and patient cases to the client’s operation
  • The client began taking live calls and start forms from patients and HCPs on day one of integration
  • We successfully migrated 600+ patient cases to client CRM and case managers
  • We recruited, interviewed, and hired 25 case managers in eight weeks
  • Our team completed training on time for more than 100 staff members
  • We achieved CMLR approval of essential materials, processes, and patient-facing roles for day one
  • Our team deactivated the client’s legacy hub vendor earlier than anticipated for cost savings and risk avoidance