Life Sciences
Case Studies

Remote Detailing Global Implementation


FluidEdge Life Sciences led the program management and deployment of a digital, virtual selling solution to more than 25 countries around the world for a global pharmaceutical company. The virtual selling platform enabled call center and traditional sales reps to schedule and execute video details with healthcare professionals in a compliant manner.


  • A major global pharmaceutical company was looking to expand its remote detailing channel to increase utilization worldwide
  • The remote detailing capability was seen as a cost-effective and productive way to engage with physicians outside of the traditional sales rep model
  • The client was looking for a company to program manage all aspects of the remote detailing channel and serve as the key point of contact for markets around the world
  • In addition, the client was looking to drive efficiencies in operational processes to help stabilize the support model for the channel on a long-term basis


  • We brought our program management, remote detailing and process expertise to manage the expansion and evolution of the channel
  • We acted as the point person for 25+ different markets worldwide, managing communication, remote detailing platform upgrades and support process evolution
  • We managed all aspects of the system development life cycle, continuously incorporating new platform functionality into the channel and managing new market releases to ensure ongoing platform improvement and growth


  • FluidEdge Consulting successfully helped support remote detailing capability and deployed remote detailing in 25+ markets, adjusting for regulatory, cultural and geographical differences to optimize the channel success in each market
  • We created clear and open lines of communication by acting as the primary contact between the client and vendors, ensuring all activity reflected the client’s best interest and all issues were resolved in a timely and efficient manner
  • We helped drive operational process efficiencies for client to transition to “Business As Usual” method of operation