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Case Studies

Call Center Excellence


FluidEdge Life Sciences helped develop standards, best practices and new capabilities across our pharmaceutical partner’s call centers which allowed them to increase customer reach, serve healthcare professionals in new and improved ways, and expand capacity from 10 to 14 supported brands.


  • A pharmaceutical company wanted to improve customer reach via non-personal promotion at customer contact centers
  • Call center #1 platform incorporated basic inbound and outbound customer service and fulfillment
  • Call center #2 didn’t have an outbound service for legacy east-coast pharma products, only established sales for legacy west coast products
  • The company’s scope and efficiencies were not coordinated
  • The organization needed effective means to reach customers in white space, vacant territories, and no-access territories
  • Standards for program implementation did not exist


  • We created and led cross-functional teams comprised of brand teams, legal, regulatory, IT, and contact centers subsidiary to refine and enhance NPP service of customers
  • We developed standards and guidelines for two customer contact centers
  • Our team facilitated the design and process requirements for an efficient approach to multi- system integration, from customer contact through complex inventory management
  • We facilitated targeting of customers to optimize reach
  • We collaborated on the program for training of representatives


  • Our work resulted in a harmonized set of standards and guidelines, refining efficiencies in program implementation
  • There was a consistent, positive trending of customers reached via non-personal promotion activities, along with delivery of 14 brands’ samples and resources
  • Efficiencies permitted the expansion from 10 to 14 brands in the program
  • Our work resulted in a significant reduction in cost to reach customers with use of two effective customer contact center programs