Life Sciences
Case Studies

Digital Sales Aid Harmonization


FluidEdge Life Sciences drove a pharmaceutical company’s efforts to improve their digital sales aid design across brands to enable both efficiency of use by sales reps and to improve customer experience for healthcare professionals. We standardized navigation and focused messaging for sales reps, and we streamlined the flow with focused, key messaging, and coordinated supporting content for healthcare professionals.


  • A pharmaceutical company wanted to improve representative and customer experience with digital sales aids
  • The company’s existing platform consisted of multiple formats from various organizations and large volumes of content, then mixed within a single sales bag. This situation resulted in navigational challenges for representatives,  and considerably less use of sales resource with customers
  • Representative training  was limited in scope and efficiency
  • Moreover, the organization experienced high costs for design and production of the digital sales aids


  • We created and led cross-functional teams comprised of brand teams, legal, regulatory, IT, and external vendors to ensure active participation, engagement, and adoption of a harmonized set of standards and guidelines for digital sales aids
  • Our team facilitated the design and technical requirements, along with focused brand messaging, for a harmonized approach to development and implementation
  • We facilitated a collaborative vendor approach to improving the enterprise standards
  • We streamlined the review and approval process and ensured a comprehensive set of capabilities from project inception through representative training


  • Representative experience improved with standardized navigation, focused messaging, and training resources to support enhanced use of digital sales aids with customers
  • Customer experience – We streamlined flow with focused, key messaging, and coordinated supporting content
  • Cost Avoidance/Risk Mitigation – We standardized an approach to development and technical building of digital sales aids. We also standardized efficiencies for treatment of fair balance navigation and MLR review
  • Guidelines for agency collaboration were implemented
  • Speed to Market – We streamlined development capabilities through new digital sales aid processes