Life Sciences
Case Studies

Commercial Systems Integration


Our team led the integration of commercial systems, data and users from a small, acquired company into our client’s commercial IT environment. FluidEdge Life Sciences aligned multiple vendors, facilitated cross-functional and cross-vendor teamwork, and developed a more robust solution that met a newly required regulatory need that was discovered early-on in the project.


  • A large pharmaceutical client needed to complete an integration of commercial systems, data and users from a smaller acquired company into their environment on an aggressive timeline
  • The integration effort required significant coordination across competing vendors with a history of conflicting work styles
  • A lack of standard processes and procedures around stakeholder management, communications, and budget and program management further challenged the integration


  • We brought our expertise in commercial IT strategy and capabilities development, as well as our IT management approach, to define the program goals and outline the right processes to successfully deliver the integration
  • We established a steering committee, representing both business and IT, to provide appropriate buy-in and support for the program and a core team that solved detailed problems and expanded communications
  • We united vendor teams to work together to outline plans, identify challenges and collectively deliver solutions


  • We successfully integrated data, systems and users on time by creating a collaborative environment that encouraged cross-vendor teamwork
  • We developed a more robust solution for a regulatory need uncovered in the early days of the integration, championed efforts to show the importance of the solution and secured the appropriate funding to successfully execute
  • We established a sustainable program structure and communication processes used in this and future integrations