Data Analytics
Case Studies

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Roadmap Development


A health plan sought help developing a business intelligence and analytics roadmap for its transition to a governed data infrastructure. Our team worked to accomplish this and various related tasks by conducting BI/analytics information gathering sessions, making recommendations for data governance, organization structure, data architecture improvements, and more.


  • A health plan sought the development of a business intelligence and analytics roadmap to guide the transformation of its current state infrastructure into a governed data infrastructure (which supports trusted analytics)
  • The health plan required a scalable, reliable and sustainable BI and analytics infrastructure to support the targeted growth, diversification, and operational excellence objectives established in its strategic plan


  • Our team conducted BI/analytics information gathering sessions with IT and business users to identify requirements and determine current state
  • We identified findings related to people, process and technology
  • We proposed recommendations (including data governance, organization structure and data architecture improvements) to our client
  • Interviews and education sessions were completed to develop an improved appreciation of technical and business user needs, which will foster future collaboration and accountability


  •  Our team’s talent recommendations were implemented to support the client’s data governance leadership and data steward business analytics roles and responsibilities
  • The client’s enterprise data architecture is undergoing improvements (such as migrating it’s legacy data warehouse to an enterprise data warehouse)
  • A new enterprise data model and various document data flows for analytic functions are set to be completed as part of the client’s analytics roadmap
  • Our team developed an analytics request process to standardize the intake (candidacy), prioritization, development, and escalation process for accessing data
  • The client is hiring a Data Officer to oversee data governance and to work with resident business data stewards who represent business needs